How do our brains communicate with the rest of our body? “Inner Workings,” the new short from Walt Disney Studios which accompanies the feature “Moana,” gives a comedic animated answer to that question.

The six minute film is the directorial debut of story artist Leo Matsuda and is based on his original concept. “Inner Workings” presents a bit of twist on Pixar’s 2015 feature “Inside Out.”  This time the focus is not on emotions but on internal organs and how they interact and communicate.

CG and hand drawn animation were combined to create “Inner Workings.” The body and parts in question belong to a man named Paul. His brain is the leader, reacting to, and trying to control, the impulses of the other organs, especially the heart and stomach (and also the bladder!). Paul’s brain often reacts with anxiety. The animated “what if” scenarios are amusing but keep Paul from any fun.

However, that all changes one day during Paul’s job at Boring, Boring & Glum. The results are funny when all the body’s organs agree there’s more to life than work!